New Aquarium provides another boost to the Cairns Economy

The new Cairns Aquarium opened on 24th September 2017 after 6 years of planning and construction. The newest attraction in Cairns was completed at a reported cost of $54 Million AUD and has delighted both tourists and locals. It is estimated that approximately 700,000 people will visit the attraction every year.

This is the first aquarium to be constructed in Australia in 18 years and is a further sign of increased confidence and investment in both the local market and in the tourism industry.  

The aquarium is a three-level building with total gross area in the vicinity of 7,800 square metres comprising 71 live exhibits. The underwater viewing tunnel is the main feature of the attraction.

The adjoining 250 seat “Aqualuna” Restaurant also features a 70,000 Litre Black Tip Reef Shark Tank where you can watch the fish and sharks swim while enjoying some fine Italian cuisine.  

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